How do I clean my filter coffee machine properly?

The inside of my insulated pot is soiled/ discoloured, what can I do against this?

Which parts of my filter coffee machine are dishwasher safe?

How do I clean my stainless steel insulated coffee jug properly?

Why should vinegar not be used to descale the coffee machine?

How do I extend the service life of my machine?

Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

How is coffee made in a fully automatic machine? What is the difference compared to a classic filter coffee machine?

Where can I buy an appliance?

Where can I buy accessories such as cleaning tabs and descaling powder for Melitta® fully automatic coffee machines?

How long is the guarantee when I buy a new Melitta® Caffeo®?

What is the grinder made of?

What kind of milk is recommended for firm, frothed milk?

Why does the machine no longer brew coffee? Why does no coffee come out of the outlet?

Milk Foamers

Which kind of milk can be used in the Melitta® Cremio®?

How long does the frothing procedure take in general?

How do I notice that the preparation is finished?

How can I protect the non-stick coating?

How can I clean the appliance?

How can I clean the power supply station?

How high is the power consumption in standard mode?

How high is the power consumption in OFF mode?

Why does the left control light flash blue after I press the button?

Why is the milk froth result not ideal?

Why does the milk froth overflow over the lid?

Manual Brewing

The SAFETY VALVE whistles and It loses water from the valve?

The coffemarker doen’t work well?

Leaking from the thread?

The steel coffee maker does not trigger on the induction plate?

Stains inside the boiler or in the upper part?

The boiler is brownish?

Rust in the water tank?

The cream is not satisfactory?